You Know It’s Been A Solid Night When…

November 4, 2006

…during conversation things like this are said:

“Hey Dwight, what are those?”  “Toes, Mike.  Those are toes.”  “Oh, right.”


“I can’t feel my legs and I’ve still got fucking glitter on me.”  “Strippers, man.  I’ve been there.  No, seriously.”

Mmm, Delicious

November 4, 2006

I’m going here tonight:

And it’s going to be all I’ve ever hoped for and more.

Oh How Things Change

November 3, 2006

So, I was sitting at work today and I was still feeling pretty much miserable.  My friend decided to come over and tell me that since we hadn’t been out drinking for a while (Read: About 10 days… maybe less) that we were going out tonight.  I proceeded to explain what I did on Tuesday night and the fact that I probably shouldn’t be drinking much for quite some time.  After a little back and forth, we decided that neither one of us were getting anywhere, so we’d flip a coin.  I went for ‘Not Drinking’ and I called it in the air.  Tails, because tails never fails.


Well fuck.   Looks like  it’s drinking tonight  for teh D.

There is, in fact, a “too drunk”

November 2, 2006

Halloween seemed like a good night to go down to college town and mill ave and have a good time.  So, I called Phimus (Yes, that’s his real name.  Crazy asians.)  and we took off down to Mill.  So, it seemed as if we were going to be entirely responsible as we had his roommate drop us off and we were just going to cab it back.  Unfortunately, that just turned into both of us drinking the most possible.  Needless to say, I’m still trying to sort out the details on how I got home.

Then, of course, Wednesday was recovery day.  Basically, I was able to make it as far as the couch and then not move ever again.  Ever.  The good news is, I got out of work.  The bad news being, my liver probably won’t be functioning for very much longer.

So, on the same note… There really is a “good time” to get sick.  I’m working on a sore throat and a chest cold which means I probably won’t be out drinking until it’s gone.  It’s like a natural intervention!